Grüne Weinbox

We now offer organic wines, for sale in the new bag-in-box packaging, the practical, environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to bottles. The wine is from carefully selected growers. And the packaging? Positively warm and cuddly.

Why do we call it the Grüne Weinbox? Three reasons:

1. Earlier this decade, the Swedish government published the results of large-scale research into the environmental impacts of the packaging industry. Compared to a bottle, the Grüne Weinbox generates:
•    72% less energy consumption
•    82% lower CO2 emissions
•    78% less water use.

2. We take the view that the vineyard ecosystem needs only the most cautious of human interventions to produce outstanding wines. Our wines are certified by ECOVIN to organic standards, which set criteria across an array of performance areas. Synthetic chemical substances are not used in the cultivation of the vines. We encourage biodiversity in between the crops, and especially the use of natural predators to control pests.

3. The Grüne Weinbox is your ticket to nature. It weighs little more than half what a bottle does, and is simpler to handle. It won’t smash, and keeps your wine at the right drinking temperature for longer. So bring the Box along, on your:
•    Barbecues and picnics
•    Camping trips
•    Sailing and sports outings.

At the time of writing, we are offering organic wines from these producers:

The Staatsweinkeller (state wine cellars) are a part of the government-owned Freiburg Weinbauinstitut (viticultural institute), and deliver research-led winemaking in a traditional setting. The Institute is a major training centre for the wine industry, and specializes in the breeding of disease-resistant grape varieties to support sustainable viticulture. Wines made from these grapes have repeatedly won prizes in international competitions.

The Baden family of the Zähringer has been making wines since 1844. The fifth generation of the family began growing grapes organically in 1987. They are passionately committed to the long-term cultivation of the land as a precious resource for the manufacture of top-notch wines. Their organic wines have won many prizes, including the top EcoWinner trophy against international competition. In 2013 the Zähringer estate was overall champion in the organic agriculture competition Förderpreis Ökologischer Landbau.