The Weinbauinstitut has bred grape varieties that exhibit a high degree of mildew resistance. We grow these varieties on the Freiburger Jesuitenschloss and Blankenhornsberg sites and in Ebringen. These vineyards have secured for the Staatsweingut its membership of Ecovin Baden. They produce the red-wine varieties Cabernet Cortis, Cabernet Carol, Cabernet Carbon, Monarch and Prior, and the white-wine grapes Johanniter, Souvignier Gris, Bronner, Helios and Solaris.

We market Cabernet Carbon and Johanniter as varietal dry wines, and sweet wines made exclusively of Solaris. In addition to these, red, white and rosé blends known as Bacat are produced using a selection of these aromatic varieties.


What is ECOVIN?

The federal association of organic grape growers ECOVIN was established in 1985 and is Germany’s largest such grouping. It numbers some 215 members, which between them cultivate 1400 hectares of vines across eleven German growing regions. Only member companies may affix the ECOVIN label to their wines. This label is a guarantee that the quality of the product and the standards of ecological management of vineyard and processes are strictly controlled, to standards that are regularly updated and go beyond those required by EU legislation. Producers are inspected and re-certified on an annual basis. Consumers can rely not only on the EU inspection number, but on the ECOVIN label as evidence of our commitment and high-quality achievement, especially in the areas of soil maintenance and improvement, and the cultivation of healthy, disease-resistant plants.