Sponsor a Vine
On the Blankenhornsberg, in collaboration with the Freiburg research institute for tumour biology we have established a vineyard for cancer research. A sponsorship donation of €100 will secure for you your ‘own’ vine for five years. Over the sponsorship period, and once the vine is bearing fruit, you will receive an annual bottle of special ‘Patenwein’. 60% of the money raised through this initiative goes directly to support tumour research, while the remaining 40% is held in a trustee account to support the production and dispatch of your wine. Any excess wine sold from the production of this vineyard secures an additional €1 donation to the tumour research institute from the Staatsweingut.

Please join us: support vital research, sponsor a vine and savour its fruits in the form of an annual bottle of delicious red wine.


Freiburg’s wonderful cathedral, the Münster, needs professional maintenance and care. To support this effort we have created a special sparkling wine. From the sale of each bottle of Münstersekt, €3 goes to support the team keeping this magnificent church in good condition.