The vineyards

Blankenhornsberger Doktorgarten -  VDP.GROSSE LAGE

The Blankenhornsberger Doktorgarten occupies the southwestern tip of the Kaiserstuhl, within the parish boundary of Ihringen. It is one of Germany’s top 100 vineyard sites. Our production facilities and the cellar built in 1842 are situated here among 24 hectares of vines. No other soil stores the sun’s warmth like the dark volcanic earth of the Blankenhornsberg. This, married to the gentle climate, creates ideal conditions for us to make wine. Our VDG.GROSSES GEWÄCHS pinot noir,  pinot gris and pinot blanc flourish here.




Freiburger Schloßberg - VDP.GROSSE LAGE

Above Freiburg’s historic old town and overlooking the cathedral, the vines of the Freiburger Schlossberg are to be seen. The steep slope of eroded gneiss faces south, and offers optimal conditions for us to create outstanding wines. Along with the Doktorgarten, the Schlossberg is another of Germany’s 100 top vineyard sites. The unique city location which produces our VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS Riesling and Chardonnay also benefits from a cool wind that blows reliably from the Black Forest Höllental valley on summer nights.




Freiburger Jesuitenschloß - VDP.ERSTE LAGE

At the southern edge of the city of Freiburg, overlooked by the Lorettoberg and Schönberg mountains, are the vineyards of the Jesuitenschloss single appellation. The soil here, clay and loam, produces intensive fruit flavours from the pinot noir grape.