The Weinbauinstitut

The Staatsweingut is at the disposal of the state viticultural institute, or Weinbauinstitut, for research purposes. The Weinbauinstitut has the following remit:

•    Practical research in viticulture and oenology
•    Knowledge transfer through specialist seminars, tours and publications for specialists, practitioners and other influencers
•    Trend assessment for the wine industry, public administrators and politicians
•    Administrative responsibility for wine quality assessment, market control, support funding, the selection and disease control of breeding stock, approval of pest-control substances
•    Training in the professional areas of vine cultivation and oenology, commercial training at levels from school to university level (including research degrees).


The core aims of the Weinbauinstitut’s research areas are:

•    Wine quality optimization
•    Economic improvements
•    Assurance of environmental sustainability.

The main activity focuses on breeding and cloning for disease resistance, developing new techniques for use in the vineyard, soil and ecosystem improvement, oenology and analytical techniques.

The Weinbauinstitut cooperates with institutions across Germany and the wider world in the interests of advanced research. Internally, its operations are characterized by a high degree of interdisciplinary collaboration and modern organizational structures. Current and future customer demands are at the centre of this agenda.

The Staatsweingut Freiburg has the task of managing the experimental growing areas for the Weinbauinstitut. In the course of carrying out this task, we produce and sell wines of the very highest standards.

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