Adopt-a-vine vineyard  

A vine for research  

The battle against cancer is an expensive one, and the state cannot finance the undertaking on its own. In 1991, a charity known as Fördergesellschaft Forschung Tumorbiologie (FFT) was founded with the aim of supporting and co-financing cancer research so that sufferers could benefit from the research results in significant numbers.  

In early 2002 the Freiburg state vineyard established a specific growing slope to generate income for the FFT charity. The responsibility for this decision lies with the agriculture minister of the Land of Baden-Württemberg, based in Stuttgart. 

This slope is planted with the adopted pinot noir vines, each labelled with a number that enables its adoptive parents to identify their own plant.  

This charity programme was extremely successful, so much so that we have had to extend the planted area a number of times. A Vine for Research has generated hundreds of thousands of Euros for FFT and thus for applied cancer research. 

 Join as a donor! 100 Euros buys you your very own pinot noir vine. 60 Euros go direct to research via the FFT charity, and the remaining 40 Euros act as a prepayment for five years’-worth of special-edition ‘Rebpate’ wine bottles. Once a year, on the first Friday of July, we invite our adopted vine parents to a reception at the Blankenhornsberg cellar buildings.