Classic grape varieties 

The wider region of Baden, and particularly the Kaiserstuhl range, are known for their outstanding pinot wines, pinot blanc (Weißburgunder), pinot gris (Grauburgunder) and pinot noir (Spätburgunder) are at home here, as is Chardonnay, also grown in Burgundy, albeit further north.  

These characteristic grapes of Burgundy grow here on the Blankenhornsberger Doktorgarten slopes alongside the fragrant muscat and muscat-ottonel varieties, and Ihringen’s ‘import’ from further north, the Silvaner grape.  

For this section of our tour, we will use the German grape designations to guide you through these varieties:  
• Spätburgunder  
• Weißburgunder  
• Grauburgunder  
• Muskateller  
• Muskat-Ottonel  
• Chardonnay  
• Cabernet Cortis  
• Souvignier gris.  

What the world knows as pinot noir, Germany knows as Spätburgunder. It produces red wines of international distinction, though it is straightforward to grow. The wines are noticeably fruity as well as spicy, with cherry and ripe berry aromas. Spätburgunder wines are a deep ruby red in appearance. 

Grown principally in Baden but also in the Pfalz and Rheinhessen. A descendant of pinot gris, itself descended from pinot noir. shop now our Weißburgunder

Baden is the home of Grauburgunder (a mutated pinot noir) in Germany. The berries are pinkish to red on the vine, but used almost exclusively for the preparation of white wines.  

Muskateller (in French, muscat blanc à petits grains) is prepared by the state vineyard as a highly scented dry VDP.ORTSWEIN. However, we also offer an Auslese dessert wine from Muskateller grapes. The variety is said to have originated in Asia Minor. shop now our Muskateller  

Muskat-Ottonel is used to make white wines. Its origins may be traced back to a seedling discovered by Jean-Pierre Vibert from Angers, in 1839. These days it is grown primarily in Alsace (as Muscat d’Alsace) and in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. 

Chardonnay is a distant relative of the pinot family, and one of the world’s most influential grape varieties.